First Impressions

I rarely take an instant dislike to people and have never really met anyone who has felt this about me….. Until this week. What do you do when someone appears to take an instant dislike to you and by ignoring you or dismissing you to turn their backs and speak to others?

Was it me? What vibes was I sending out? Did I not smile and make them feel at ease? Is it them? Is this who they are or maybe they are having a bad day? How can you make such a huge decision about someone by just saying hello?  Energy? I felt their energy and it wasn’t friendly. I felt their energy and it wasn’t welcoming and warm. I felt their energy and it was reflecting mine away. In fact it felt like they was stealing mine.  Not a comfortable feeling at all. 

Whilst I outwardly say confidence and nothing gets to me, inside I remain insecure and know that when people give off vibes of dislike or disinterest I feel hurt and rejected. But again I ask, is it what they are giving to me or what I am emitting or even making up in my head because I think they are better, more interesting, more popular? Does it say something about me or about them?

My ego, my conscious mind says its me. I am a bad person, not friendly, unkind and unwelcoming and I listen. This is where I have to kick in my new thought processes and coping mechanisms. This is where I allow myself the freedom to make choices. I can choose to go inside myself and believe I am a lesser person who doesn’t deserve new friends or I can choose to decide it’s about them and doesn’t affect me at all and continue to send them love and good wishes. This is all I can control about how they feel about me so I’ve learnt to choose the positive. 

So I wonder how you deal with your inside voices talking too loud and unkindly? I wonder how you deal with those moments when others make you feel insecure or uncomfortable. Is it then or are you doing that yourself? 


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