Expecting disappointment?

How many times do you do something expecting to fail? Some may think this an odd question as why would you even begin if you expect it to fail but there will be those out there who, in the back of their minds, believe everything they attempt is doomed to failure before it’s even begun. They expect disappointment and guess what? They get it.

Do you ever catch yourself saying or thinking “I don’t think this will work but…”? Then you are expecting disappointment. Why are you even beginning? I think deep down that statement is simply a safety net. You believe deep down what you are doing will work, otherwise you wouldn’t waste time and energy on it but this statement gives you a get out clause. Sadly this get out clause has far more power and energy than you realise.
What you think you get. If you even hesitate for a second on your belief in you or what you are doing, your ego will be in like a shot and failure is already on the horizon. Believe wholeheartedly that what you do is a success before you begin and it has no way in. Total belief. Total faith. It’s like a branded toothpaste or your personal condom, total protection.

Instead of looking at the possibility of failure why not turn it round and look at the possibility that this will be a success. Even better see it as a success before you begin. See what it will look like, feel the emotions you will feel when the task is done, hear the words you will exclaim when you achieve and touch what you will reward yourself with if its financially related. When you focus on these, when you know what it feels like you will be far more likely to believe.

If any of you have read anything about the laws of attraction you will know this and probably do it but there maybe those out there who don’t know or don’t believe. What you think you get. If you begin a relationship but have little confidence and expect that person to stop loving you I can guarantee they will. Not because it was always doomed but because you have thought it. When you think it you begin certain characteristics that open up the door and start arguments or pick faults or put doubt in their mind that you don’t want this relationship. Sound familiar? 

It may be a job or a contract that you are going for. If you expect it to fail, your behaviour will begin to change and you will come across as lacking in confidence, you may say things you wouldn’t normally say or you may undersell your ability and fail.  So turn it round. If you assume, believe and know that what you are doing is already successful, your attitude, your characteristics and your actions will be totally different. People will see confidence, openness, trust and honesty and a person who know what they are doing. You have already succeeded in their eyes. Think about it…


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