The bigger the task the harder the journey

When you have purpose your ego can go crazy. Your ego will be telling you that “you can’t, you won’t, you’ll fail, you’re not capable, it’s too big, people will laugh” and it will go on and on and on. This is your ego talking and its job is to stop you, to block you, to keep you where you are. You know you know your purpose when your ego is virtually screaming this. The bigger your purpose, the louder the ego!

No one ever said being happy, successful, loved, loving, satisfied, fulfilled was ever going to be an easy journey. Not doing something is sometimes far easier as you don’t have to challenge yourself, you don’t have to stretch yourself, you don’t have to work at your self belief and you don’t have to grow. We’ve all been through teenage years, we know how hard and uncomfortable simply growing is.

If you are finding life easy, maybe, just maybe, you aren’t challenging yourself and maybe, just maybe, you haven’t found your purpose yet. If you are finding life so hard that you wonder whether it’s worth all the effort, perhaps you are already on your journey but you haven’t yet realised what you are doing is what you are on this planet for.

The task in hand, your purpose, your reason for being is, and always has been, inside of you. It may be that you have been following it for years but have never realised you even do it. Your purpose can be something as simple as your character. Are you someone who brings love everywhere you go, no matter who you are with, the situation you are in or how difficult life gets for others? Your purpose is to love and show others how to do the same. 

Your purpose isn’t necessarily about making money, although it’s fabulous if your purpose is also your career, but it’s not just the case. It’s about realising your potential, realising who you are and what you give to others. It’s about loving what you do, what you have to give and then selflessly giving it. Your purpose is the very core of your soul. Not everyone finds it, not everyone wants to even look, not everyone knows what to do with it even though they recognise it but perhaps one day, in one of our lifetimes we get to realise our life’s purpose, our potential. 

When it’s uncomfortable, tiring, stretching and yet somehow the most satisfying thing you’ve ever done or felt, you’ve found it. When you’ve found it your ego will tell you you haven’t and it’s too difficult so stop. Ignore the ego, live with purpose and love what you have been given. A gift is too precious to be wasted.


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