Learning to fly

Take yourself back to the last time you ever took a risk. Take yourself back to the last time you ever made such a huge decision that it was life changing. Take yourself back to the last time you pushed yourself to do something so new and scarey that you felt physically sick. Take yourself back to the last time you lived your dream, even if for a moment.

I know some of you will be able to do this and some will travel back and back and struggle to find something. This is not a criticism. This is not questioning your lifestyle. This is for you to realise if you want to learn to fly you can just do it and yes it’s really that simple. How can it be simple when it’s life changing? Because the hard bit, the bit that for most takes longest and causes the most heartache, is actually making the decision.

My favourite quote is “What if I fall? But darling what if you fly?”

Although my mum never actually said this to me as,by the time I got to my life changing decisions she had sadly been gone from me on a physical level for a long time, this is the comment she would have made knowing I was wrestling with my thoughts and my emotions. She’d have been right too (as only a mum can always be). If I hadn’t taken the step, made that one single decision, stepped into the unknown or trusted myself I dread to think where my life would be today. I stepped into a word of uncertainly on the single thought that it couldn’t be any worse than where I was and might actually bring me and my children happiness.

Sometimes you have just got to step into the unknown and see what happens. Sometimes you have to take a risk. Sometimes you’ve just got to follow your heart. If you really believe it’s for the right reasons, you are strong, you are courageous and you single mindedly stick to what you feel is right for you, you will achieve and you will fly. People will try to dissuade you. People will tell you you are mad. People may shun you. People may wish you to fail and fall. People don’t matter. 

This is what you believe is right and you have the right to believe. Those you don’t support you will pass through your life and those who build you up and love you will step forward to support your wings as you take flight. 

Trust yourself. It will happen.


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