Mrs Pepperpot Lives On ?

As a small child I loved reading and one of my favourite sets of books at the time was about a lady called Mrs Pepperpot. She was a lady who used to shrink at the most inopportune moments but whilst she was as small as the proverbial Pepperpot, she managed to fix situations that had gone wrong, find things that had been lost and make people’s lives better. Just as quickly she would go back to normal size and the world would carry on as normal. 

This lady, who in my head as a child was real, came to mind this morning as I entered my headspace garden because when I entered, the door was absolutely huge, much taller than usual. Or was I smaller? The flowers were huge, so much so I could climb inside the roses to sleep if I chose to. The gate where my friend waits was like a mountain to me as I sat by his side and chatted. All of a sudden it went back to normal and I felt like me again. No I’ve not been drinking or taking drugs, this is how my head works during meditation! 

There are two trains of thought for me on this. Firstly I’m feeling like a very small person in a very large world right now and can’t seem to find my place to be the person I am meant to be. Secondly I am rather like Mrs Pepperpot in that my role is to be small and seemingly unseen to get on and do what I am created to do; fix things, solve the mysteries of people’s stressed bodies and minds and then once the job is done, get back to normal and carry on.

I guess it’s a little of both as, when you are running your personal empire you do sometimes feel lost, small and insignificant when you try to compare yourself against others doing the same type of work. Sometimes your role is to move in, stealth like, mend and retreat because it’s not about you, it’s about your client and their wellbeing. 

So, my question for you today is simply wondering about how you feel about your role in life? Courageous? Insignificant? A fixer or mender of things? A success or failure? Satisfied with what you do and who you are? Comparing yourself unnecessarily to others? Are you feeling small or tall in your world? 

I wonder which character in a book you’d see yourself as if you were in my headspace garden!


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