A gift. Mine to give.

I was created with a gift and it’s only the last three years I have known about it. I was given a heart and I was given two hands. Some may say that this isn’t much of a gift but what you have is not always the only part, it’s how and why you use them.

My heart. This is to love. To give love. To receive love. To be love. This isn’t some kind of romantic gesture, this is to empathise with everyone I come into contact with, whether face to face, on line or passing strangers in the street. This love is endless, as huge or as small as someone needs, is unconditional and mine to give and receive.

My hands. I have two ordinary hands. They are not remarkable, in fact they are small, ageing and have relatively short stumpy fingers but I know something quite magical happens when my hands begin to work. When I lay my hands on another human being they can read, they can transmit and receive emotion and they can heal. 

Read? Yes read. When my hands move over a person on my massage table I am reading their bodies. I am reading what their muscles say, how their skin feels, where their emotions are stuck or flowing and I read pain, stress, emotional abuse, lethargy and tiredness. The person to whom this body belongs doesn’t have to tell me much, they give it all to me without a word and if they choose to change things we do this too, together. It’s an honour and a privilege.

I give thanks every single morning, about this time, through my meditation. I give thanks for my heart and my hands, for the trust people put in me and for the healing we can source and utilise together. 

Some people would call me a massage therapist, some think I rub people all day, some people think I just provide a treat for special occasions and yes I am all of that. What I also give is space, time, a new way to breathe, a regular place to just be, a sanctuary, a safety zone to be who they need to be, to recharge, to stop. I give my hands. I give my heart. I give my everything and I teach that person to be a better version of themselves as they can then teach others the same. It’s all about duplication, ripples on a pond.

My gifts are my hands and my heart – what’s yours and how will you use them today?


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