Good vibrations

If anyone starting humming at that title you just gave away your age. This isn’t about the music industry or times gone by or even rock and roll, it’s simply about your body. Your body is intrincially aware of all that goes on around it, even when consciously you are not. It’s picking up on the vibrations of the world around it and sometimes you need to focus in and listen to what it’s telling you. Some will call it intuition, some say it’s their gut feeling, but it’s just your body picking up on the world around it. Some choose to listen, some do not.

Here’s the clever thing though, your body doesn’t just pick up and act as a receiver, it also gives out vibrations and acts as a transmitter. We are an awesome bit of machinery, the best ever created I think. The designer of the human race, whomever that may be, was a very clever, ingenious designer, engineer, artist and creator.

Here’s the thing though, we get to chose how we use it. We don’t come fully programmed. We aren’t infallible. We do definitely make mistakes. But, the one thing that defines us all is what beats in our chests 24/7. Our hearts. This piece of muscle is what keeps us alive but also defines who we are. We all know someone we would call hard hearted or heartless, knowing that they have one but it’s just they don’t use it for love.

Every year on Valentine’s Day we send cards with hearts on. Why? Because that is how we identify love. Our creator made it for life but with that it came with the additional purpose, love and this is where our beautiful beating hearts and our vibrating bodies come into their own. If you feel love in your heart, for yourself, for others, for where you live, your country your God, it doesn’t matter what as long as you feel it, because when you do your body naturally emits this outwards.

It doesn’t question where the love is going. It doesn’t filter the amount, it simply emits it like a bright and beautiful beacon. You know when someone is in love, you know when someone is a loving person and others know and can read your heart too. So what’s yours sending out I wonder? Are you able to send it out to those you don’t know, who hurt or anger you? Those who may be the reason you loved and lost it? That’s the challenge.

You were created to love, it’s a natural instinct. Only life teaches us how to hate and destroy. Both are powerful energies to be sending out but only one can achieve something so beautiful, it’s impossible to describe. Which one will you vibrate today? It’s your choice.


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