Do it with passion

I spoke to a young man today who chatted and was lovely to talk to but then he began to tell me what he really loved and wanted to do in his life. I saw a fire ignite in him. I saw a passion rise in his chest. I saw a light begin to burn in the very centre of his being and roar out of him like a tsunami, starting small and gradually building until it became totally intoxicating and overpowering to listen.

He knew, quite clearly that what he does now is a means to an end and that where he is going is along a path that takes him to his destiny. Clarity. Certainty. Passion. It was a privilege to hear him speak with such conviction and surety.

Listening to him made me wonder if that is how I speak of what I do. I certainly hope so.

I wonder if that is how you speak of what you do? If it is I am so happy for you as you are clearly living your dream. If it isn’t do you need to make choices and take risks to do what you love? It may look impossible but as you see in many motivational pictures, ‘impossible’ is simply ‘I’m possible’. I honestly believe that if you really want something you can, with hard work, determination and courage live the life you want.

I can hear some of you saying “don’t be ridiculous, I can’t, my life is too complicated to do that, not with my luck, my life is too hard to change it” and you go on and on finding reasons why you don’t deserve your dreams. I just ask why? Why don’t you deserve your dream? Why aren’t you worth it? Why should you put your dreams on hold – because it’s too hard? Of course it’s hard, otherwise it wouldn’t feel  like a sense of achievement would it!

So, whilst you plan and set your dreams in place try doing what you currently do with passion and see if it feels any different. 


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