Pressing the reset button

Do you ever wish you could stop, press a reset button and restart, just like you do when your laptop is misbehaving itself. I do believe this morning I have woken and am ready to do just that and I’m really excited by it. Not that I have stopped loving who I am or what I do, not that at all but the how and the mindset just have to change and so my finger is poised above my personal reset button and ready to action.

I’m going right back to my why, my reason for doing what I do and being the person I am. I’m stripping bare everything – who, what, why, when and how. My mirror to see the reality is poised and my scales for balance have been reset and calibrated. This may be messy but I’m so excited to see the outcome. I actually have butterflies racing round my stomach this morning, I woke that way and that’s not happened in a while so I know this is a must today.

So enough about me, what do you need to reset today? Have you got so many things running round your head you can’t think straight? Get them out onto paper, every last thing in there. I promise you they won’t appear so big or unwieldy when you do. In black and white they will become clear in priority, importance and sometimes can even make you see they don’t need doing, it’s just your conscience mind giving you things to play with you.

Have you stopped loving what you do? Have you actually fallen out of love or does it just not look like it did when you began? So what do you want it to look like? Once you have that picture in your mind start to jot down some steps to get there and see what are easy winnings, what need some time or finances and what are simply “some day” visions. Then action it.

Do you need to think differently? Have you become stuck in your thought processes, how you see what you do or how you think you could do them? Maybe finding some others who do similar work and watching, learning and throwing ideas around will help. Maybe just thinking out of the box; writing thoughts, drawing pictures, words, colours, emotions and getting your creative juices flowing will stimulate a new thought. Follow it up, no matter how off the wall it seems. It may be your new line, service, product that you just created. It may even be a new you!

Today is a day for me to press the button. I can even see the one I’m pressing. It’s small, raised, red and will, once pressed, set off fireworks, colourful, exciting, stimulating fireworks and fill my world with a new energy. My finger is poised…..


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