Giving thanks is better than antibiotics

I have been unfortunate enough this week to have my first ever bout of tonsillitis.  It’s pretty rubbish, debilitating and totally energy zapping with emotional destruction thrown in. All that and you don’t want to eat because it hurts. I have antibiotics and if I chose to, could lie in my bed feeling sorry for myself but this is where being grateful comes in…..

I have this afternoon lain in bed but have been giving thanks for all I have. A beautiful view from my window, time to let my thoughts do what they need to do, talk to my beautiful sister and drink in her wise words, let my unnecessary emotions go, make decisions for my future, take time to love me, take time to tell those I love how much I really do love them, support and cheer on those who are also struggling in their lives and be thankful that I have so many people keeping an eye out for me.

I am truly blessed.

Whilst my throat still looks like a mountain range covered in yellow slime (sorry for the gross description), I have the headache from hell and the exhaustion is debilitating, I feel so much better because being poorly has given me time to see what I have instead of what I don’t. Being poorly has shown me that I just have a throat infection and I’m not suffering a long term illness or disability. Being poorly has given my head the space to defunk and I have found solace in love and gratitude for life.

We are so quick to wallow in our own self pity sometimes, seeing the dark, the sad, the misery in life and swallow all the pills and potions our medical profession has to make  us better and yet, if we take only the positives, see the rainbows, those little patches of sunshine in a dark sky and say thank you for the time to just be, recovery is so much easier, brighter and faster. 

Next time you feel like life is giving you a hard time and stopping  you from getting on with what you think needs doing, just stop and see what it’s offering you instead. Maybe, just maybe, the universe is saying “woah you are heading down the wrong path, I’m blocking you until you see there are alternative routes to journey on”. Listen to the universe, she is very wise….


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