When it all gets too much….just sit

There are times when this world of mine gets too loud. It’s the only way I can explain it. People are too noisy, everything is moving too fast and the sights and smells are totally overwhelming. Not so very long ago I would have let this get to me or crumpled and given in to it all. No more. No I just accept that it’s all a bit much and I just have to sit and let it go by.

It’s like being on a busy road with noise, and traffic fumes, people riding your bumper, hooting horns and shouting at you for sticking to the speed limit. I feel the need to pull over, stop, take a breath and let all the traffic go by, maybe heading home (back to me) via a smaller road than the motorway.

Sometimes it’s nice to have someone to sit beside you and sometimes it’s better to be alone but I no longer feel guilt or loss or bad about having to stop, sit and breathe. Life sometimes is just too much for all of us and do you know, it’s okay to admit that! You aren’t mad, you aren’t losing it, you aren’t failing, you aren’t in a bad place, you simply need to give yourself space and slow your world down.

When the busyness of life gets in the way of our vision we don’t always see others also struggling with life. Look around you now, especially if you in a busy environment, an office, a shopping arcade…. Just watch people and see how many are struggling. Never be too busy in your own life or your own personal noise to miss others who might just need a kind world, a smile or a hand on their arm to say it’s okay, you aren’t alone.

Never be too busy to miss others who feel like you sometimes do and offer them a hand of friendship. You can’t always fix them but can let them know they aren’t alone in how they feel. Let them know it’s okay to sit and let it pass.


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