It’s all about persepctive

Isn’t it funny how two people can see the same situation from a totally different viewpoint. This can be emotionally so hard, especially if you are the one in the middle of the situation. 

When you see a couple, loving, caring, happy with their lives you see it at face value and ask no questions. When you see your partner as angry, sarcastic, mentally abusive you wonder why others don’t see it? When you see your life as hard, not enough, going nowhere, why do others wish they were you?

It’s all about perspective. Sometimes you just don’t want to see, sometimes others make sure you only see what they want you to and sometimes you aren’t even looking. 

After 22 years of what others saw as a relatively happy marriage no wonder people were surprised when I walked away, even my husband and children. Why? Because I didn’t communicate that life was anything other than rosey except to myself or was it that I was so close I could no longer see what others saw? It’s all about perspective

After working in an environment I thought I loved, nurtured me and grew me, why when I stepped away did I realise it was stifling me and only then did I begin to grow? It’s all about perspective.

Take a look at your life and if something is hard, makes you frustrated, angry or sad try looking at it through someone else’s eyes or, if you are feeling brave, ask someone else what they see. You may be surprised at the differences or they may confirm what you see. If you see your life as happy, settled, and all those around you are made happy by your actions and choices, take another look, or better still ask them if you are brave enough, just to make sure that you aren’t blindly making someone else’s life harder or sadder than it has to be.

I did. I thought I was keeping things afloat, making those I loved and cared for happy, keeping my anger and sadness on the inside. I wasn’t and only when did I see the reality was I able to make changes, make choices about what had to be and give both them and me the life we all deserved.

You don’t have to make drastic, life changing changes but sometimes it’s good to just look through someone else’s eyes or from a different angle at a situation to see how else it appears. It can be a life changer and all for the better. With a different perspective comes happiness, personal growth, inner strength and peace and with all that you give more to others.


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