Fluent in silence

The noise of life can sometimes get too much for me and I have to find a way of escaping and even though my head is sometimes too busy I find space in there, I step inside, I close my eyes and I find my silence. 

Do you get that, does it make sense? Do you ever feel like you want to take the volume switch of the world, your immediate world, your head and simply turn it down. This is what I teach people to do. It’s so very important, for our sanity and our thought processes, to be able to find silence.

I am a sensitive soul and that just means that I feel everything ten fold and when there’s a lot going on in my life; family, career, worries, future plans and so on it sometimes gets too much. I had to find a coping mechanism or I would have totally lost all self control and sanity a long time since. My inner silent spot is it. I have taught myself to enter a place that is sound proofed, it’s warm, it’s safe and my thoughts can either be dealt with in there or popped on the shelf outside until I come back out calm and refreshed.

We all need a place like this. It could be a physical place, it could be an inner place. Only you know, I just help people find the key and let themselves in. To be in that place where the silence is loudest, where there is choice in what you experience, when time gets put on hold but mainly where you are in control is the most beautiful, refreshing, empowering place you can be.

If today, tomorrow, next month all seems too noisy know that I am here – fluent in silence.


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