Cost or value – what do you see

Someone said recently about a tooth  abcess that it was “going to cost a fortune”. It made me wonder whether I would see that as a cost or see the value. Obviously I would have to acknowledge that it’s an expensive fix but after suffering an abcess before I think the latter for me would win. 

How many times I wonder though do we throughout our day, our lives, see the cost to things rather than the value they give us. That ego speaks and we look at the negative. Our conscious brain tells us “this is tough, this is expensive, we can’t manage this, we are being selfish, we don’t deserve this.”

If something you really want is going to be tough do you look at the time you are going to have to give it? The stretching of your comfort zone? The rejection? The possibility or failure? Are you just seeing the cost or are you the type of person who can see all that and acknowledge it but actually focus on the value it will bring? A new career, a personal gain, success or increased wealth.

It’s not about being a person who sees the cup as half full or half empty (as either way it can always be topped up), it’s about seeing further than the discomfort of the now that sometimes happens. Living in the now, today, right his minute is absolutely the way to go for me as there is no way I can control what happens next week or in six months time, I can only control now, so focussing on the value at the end of this uncomfortable phase, this expense in whatever that means to you, makes it more manageable.

Try it today. When your butt cheeks grab as you pay dearly for something, financially or personally, check the value you will gain. Have you relaxed or at least seen its worth for this initial discomfort?


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