Battle of the sexes?

Now then, being a woman I am very conscious that women, in some situations, have a hard time in the men vs women story. I am conscious that we sometimes get paid less, valued less, have to work harder and have to juggle everything in our lives by being a woman, a friend, a wife, a mum, a chef, a lover as well as a breadwinner. Sorry ladies this blog just isn’t about us. 

Since working as a self employed massage therapist, I have come across many men who experience similar issues but don’t always have the support network that we appear to have created for ourselves (whether I think these are the right thing is another blog entirely).

This is for the gentle men I see during my week and who are in my life in whatever capacity and no I didn’t mean to write gentlemen, I really do mean gentle men. 

A man in this day and age has to wear as many hats as a woman. He’s a man, he’s a mate, he’s one of the lads, he’s lover, husband, dad and breadwinner. He is tough, the strong one, macho and keeps his emotions locked away – remember a man never cries. What utter rubbish….

Why do we woman sometimes feel they have the monopoly on stress, hurting, being hurt, pressured, overwhelmed by life or just plain sad? Men experience as many emotions and feel failings as much as a woman but as a society we place on them an expectation to cope. My massage table and my therapies tell me otherwise. I feel honoured, as a woman, to hold  the space for a man to step into and be the person, the man, the human being he needs to be. To give him the time to step back, away from life for an hour or so and just breathe.

There will always be differences in the man vs woman experience but isn’t that what we love, that we are not the same? But underneath it all we are all working to the same end: to be happy, to love and be loved, to be successful in whatever we love doing and to survive this rollercoaster we call life. It’s time to stand side by side, accept our differences, even celebrate the differences, love when we can and acknowledge that we are all humans needing other humans. The time to belittle, blame, compete with on a stress level, ridicule the others failings and assume our life is tougher than the others is at an end. It’s time to care for, nurture, empathise, love, give space to and acknowledge that our trials, issues, worries, stresses are the same.

Men? Women? We may sometimes feel like we are from Venus or Mars but under it all we are all here to be the best versions of ourselves so let’s march forward together when we can.


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