A different kind of day

As I write today I should have actually been sat in Manchester airport ready to board a plane to India. My first solo trip anywhere. And yet here I sit, in my house alone, knowing  only that I will go one day, just not today. My heart aches to be there but I have to take the positives and use them to my advantage, to learn, to see that now was simply not my time.

Why India? Quite simply it’s calling me. It’s like a piece of my heart was once stolen, placed in a box and buried somewhere in the world for me to find. It’s written that I must find it and take back what is rightfully mine so I can complete what I’m meant to do in my lifetime. Sounds very dramatic I know but it’s how I feel. I thought the timing was now but obviously not. I had so many obstacles put in my way that I should have observed much sooner than I did that I had picked the wrong time. The obstacles being the universes signals but I wasn’t for listening. The stubborn Tauren was going no matter what.

So today I reflect, not on what might have been today, but on what is, why and making the most of what I have here right now. I have some more things to learn, some things to do, some people to meet and when these are done I can head out on my mission to locate my heart and put that final piece in the jigsaw puzzle.

What is it in your life that feels like something is missing? What is it you need to be doing but you haven’t yet begun? Where do you need to be going in your life to find your purpose and whose paths do you need to cross to realise your dreams? 

Listen to the inner voice in you. Find some time for silence to just listen. Take some paper and write all the things you haven’t done yet but want to achieve because somewhere in there is a dream for you to follow. It’s your choice as to where your life goes and yes there are sometimes obstacles thrown in our path but see them as points to learn from not blockages or U turns. Do not stop and say that this is the end and there is no other way, no other time this can be done. The universe is just saying you are not ready, this is not your time. Do not give up.

You will know when it’s time if you just listen and people will come into your life that you don’t expect, to help you realise your dreams. Acknowledge them, accept them and let them help you. Now, today, right his minute you could be on the verge of something huge in your life so find some time for silence and stillness, observe and listen. You might hear or see something life changing ahead.


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