To those who’ve fallen and those fighting on

You stand tall, side by side. You made a vow to be our guide. You gave your life. You give it still. Respect. Your uniform in blues or green. With dark red scars of love unseen. You laid there then, you lay there still. Respect. Through velvet skies, in birds of steel. On torrid ground you could not feel, our love. But with you then and with you now. Respect. Our wars fought then still carry on. Lives lost. Tears cried. Respect. We never learnt, we never will. Respect. For those we killed, those fighting still. Respect.

Imagine if we could take each person killed or maimed or damaged mentally or physically by war and and turn what they gave into love, how much better our world would be. Yet we continue to hate, continue to fight, continue to destroy. If you do nothing else today, this eleventh day of the eleventh month, then let someone know how much you love them. Show respect to another human being, whether they are family or a stranger. The ripple effect can and does work but we have to keep on doing it.

Our armed forces give. They give us security, protection, safety and a sense of peace. Let our gift back to them be love and respect, not just to them but humankind. We can’t stop war by ourselves, whether soldier, airman, marine or civilian but if we can show respect and love to those around us it’s got to be the beginning of change. It’s all we have left, to show love. We have collectively, the power to make small changes and those small changes through time compound and create beautiful, important, huge changes to our world. Let’s begin today.


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