Colours of the day

“Colours of the day, dawn into the mind. The sun has come up, the night is behind…open your eyes, look into the sky. The darkness has come, the sun came to die. The evening draws on, the sun disappears. But Jesus is living, his spirit is near”.

No I have not suddenly decided to give a sermon. This is a song from my childhood when I went to church with my mum. It’s not a place I’ve been for a long time but the words of this give me comfort somehow. It’s a song that reminds me that no matter how dark the night, the dawn will always come and bring with it the colours of the day that give me strength, beauty, empowerment and safety.

When I see that first hint of dawn in the sky I know there is something beautiful about to follow. We perhaps think of this time of year as dull and uninspiring and if this is how you feel about winter please, I beg of you, take another look. 

The sunrise is a fire of red and pink bursting into a dark sea of rich black or dark blue. The raindrops hold tiny rainbows inside them catching the light. The snow which may have been lit by the brightest moon will continue to glimmer in the dawn of the day as light hits it. The autumn leaves have nearly all gone but even on the floor they provide us with a carpet of gold and crimson, yellow and orange to walk upon. Children are wrapped warmly in bright scarves and gloves and hats. 

And, as day may draw to an end the firey orange and yellow of the evening skyline wishes us goodnight as it gives into the black sky. Even then I feel wrapped safe in the deepest blue/black blanket of the night sky, set off with just a hint of sparkle from the stars, like diamonds glinting in the moonlight.

I think what I’m trying today is don’t generalise about winter. We know in life there will be murky days, where we are cold or damp or just feeling grey, so find those colours, no matter how hard they are to see, look for them. To add colour to your day it vital for a feeling of self worth, of beauty, of strength and of purpose. 

Today I am red, crimson red and I’m safe, I’m secure, I have a sense of belonging and strength. What colour are you today I wonder.


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