Showing interest

How many people do you have in you life who are genuinely interested in you? In what you do, what you say, how you feel, who you are, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry. It’s rare. 

I meet many people in my life who are so desperate to talk about themselves they don’t even ask about anyone else. Is this a lack of confidence or lack of compassion? Is it selfishness or lack of awareness? Is this the humanity of the future where we only look after ourselves? 

Take a look around your circle of friends as they stand today. Who stands out as the one always genuinely interested in you. Then ask yourself, if those in that circle looked around, would they say you?

Do you show an interest in those you interact with? Do you genuinely care how others feel? Do you know the people around you? Do they know you, the real you, the you who may cry at night because you’re lonely, who may like walking barefoot on the grass, who may giggle at thoughts unaware someone may be looking and wondering. Do you allow anyone to see, to ask, to know, to love. 

I wonder…


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