Breathe and be still

Do you ever consciously breathe? As you are sat reading at the minute just stop for a second, close your eyes and take in a breath. Don’t stop until you completely fill your chest, your lungs and your stomach. Hold it for a few seconds and then breathe out, breathe out until you have nothing more inside.

Was that hard or easy? Were you surprised at how much capacity you don’t normally use when you breathe? How did it make you feel?

Just for those few seconds your focus shifted. Your focus shifted to you, to your breath and left the rest of the world behind. It may have been a split second in time but it was all yours. Imagine if you can doing that more than once, imagine doing that for two minutes, five, longer! Imagine the time and space you have just given back to yourself. Imagine the silence you just created within yourself.

We all have busy lives. That’s a fact. Many create busy lives to avoid themselves or their situation. Many have busy lives because they’ve lost control a little. Many have busy lives because that’s their choice. The one thing we have in common though is that we all need to stop and recharge at some point. We need to breathe. It allows us to bring ourselves back to a place of stillness, to regain control, to think, to make decisions, make choices. Breathing is critical to living on many different levels.

How easy would it be to find five minutes every day to breathe; just before you get out of  bed, in the shower, in your car just before you set off, during your lunch break, as you are sat infront of the tv, as you get into bed. There are loads of times we have time to stop and breathe if we really want to find the time for silence. In time you can do it even with noise and distractions, but this may take a little more practice.

If you can today, find five minutes and stop. Breathe in, as deeply as you can, hold it for a few seconds and then really force that breathe out as far and for as long as you can. Count it if you are getting distracted, in for seven, hold for four, out for seven. Find your silence and enjoy it.


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