Meet me by accident 

Do you ever hear yourself say “that was odd, they turned up just when I needed them”. I love mystery and magic but these people turning up in your life is no mystery, they are meant to be there. I don’t think you ever meet anyone by accident. 

If you read these blogs, you didn’t come by them by accident, your came by because you need to read them. Even if right now you don’t understand why, you will. Your subconscious works in a mysterious way, you just have to ask your conscious mind to step back a while and listen carefully to your gut instinct more.

People also come in and out of your life, out being the important word and concept we struggle with sometimes. We let people in, we struggle at times to let them go, even long after they have gone. I used to struggle with this and wanted to hold onto memories, emotions, dreams and then wondered why I struggled with moving on. When you let go and accept that every relationship is transitional you get so much more and learn to give much more which in turn, means you gain more.

Who do you need to let go of? Maybe a person, maybe an emotion that’s been left behind or it may even be part of you that you are holding onto. I do believe sometimes the stranger that comes in and hurts us most is ourself. A part of us we don’t quite understand, just appeared, or so it seemed, and even though we don’t want them around, we don’t quite know how to let them go. 

Letting go is scarey, it can leave an emptiness we find difficult to manage, it can leave us unfulfilled for a while. But, it creates a sense of peace in time, it brings light, it brings warmth, it’s brings confidence, courage, empowerment. Enjoy the feeling of freedom, of a sense of worth, of growth and belief that they came in for a reason and now it’s time for something and maybe someone else. 

Remember these don’t have to be relationships, these are people who have something to teach or something to learn. You are not always the student! What are you giving? Do you know?


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