Always leave a light on

Many people can identify I think with being afraid of the dark. It holds a strange mystery the dark, something lurking in the background that you can’t see, or touch but you feel it’s presence. I don’t know where we get this fear from as for many it starts as a small child, so we can’t hold horror films responsible can we.

Is it our fight or flight reflex kicking in maybe? Not being able to see our enemies many moons ago, so you always had to have light to protect your life, your family, your animals and home possibly. Maybe it’s an inbuilt fear that some still have.

The dark, the unknown, the unseen, the silence and the noises that take on a whole new life in the dark.  That small drip becomes a sinister beginning to more. That creak on the stairs is someone making their way up to you. The owl hooting in the distance is signalling someone coming your way. The silence is too loud for comfort as it makes even your own breathing too loud and uncomfortable to listen to.

Life in general can feel a bit this way sometimes too. Dark, sinister, unknown, bigger than it really is in the light. At night when you are still and lying alongside your worries and fears it really can feel like a horror movie sometimes. Everything is looming above you, waiting for you to make a mistake by closing your eyes, then they will pounce. In the corner of the room is a shape, unrecognisable in the poor light but sinister, dangerous, threatening….

So put the light on!

If you have only fear in your life, if you have only worries, if you are scared to make the next step forward or open the door in front of you because you are scared as to what may be behind it, life is going to stop, you are going to become paralysed. You have to have a light, even if it’s just a gentle night light, like the one you see in a child’s bedroom, a gentle glow just shedding enough light in the place to stop the fear setting in. You must have something that can create light in amongst your fears.

What is your nightlight? Mine is self belief and knowing my purpose. Yes sometimes all is dark, so dark I can’t see my hand infront of my face but if I can see, if I can remind myself of my purpose, the darkness will become far enough away for me to see where to take the next step. If you are in a dark place today, you must dig deep inside and find your light.


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