It’s a hard knock life

If you read that title and went “yes it is and I wish it was easier” or “yes it is and why me” can I suggest you stop feeling sorry for yourself and make the choices that will set about a change.

We spend an inordinate amount of time moping round, feeling sorry for ourselves on how we deserve more, better, something that someone else has. If you want more, if you want different, if you want a different life, there’s only you that will go and get it. No one ever said this life was going to be easy. No one ever told you it would all be handed on a plate. If you are in a place you are not comfortable with, take a look at the choices you’ve made and decisions you’ve taken. The emphasis on you.

We all want more or different in some capacity and the only thing different between what you have and what you want is what you do to get it. Life is ours for living and if you aren’t living it the way you’d like you have to find another way until you are happy.

Too many times I hear or read woe is me stories and yes some people have hard lives, there is no doubt about it, but if you are in a position to make a difference and you aren’t doing, please stop moaning. Life is too short to be unappreciative about what you have so take the focus off what you don’t have and put it on what you do.

I recently had to really give myself a talking to because I was feeling sorry for myself and where I am right this minute when actually when I started to look at what I do have I was overwhelmed with the good fortune, the joy and the friendship I have in my life. I am totally blessed by what I do have. Yes I would like more or different, so I have to set my mind to getting it instead of wishing it was here. I have to appreciate what I do have as I have loads.

Life is hard. Life is a worry sometimes. Life is complicated and can make you cry. Life is also full of joy and happiness and friendships and love, of opportunities and journeys for us all to share if we want to go on them. Life is a fabulous concoction of low and high, excitement and worry and can change in the blink of an eye. Not from misfortune or others doing, but from the choices you make and the attitude you carry with you.

Make this the beginning of the rest of your life. It’s your story so write a fabulous one.


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