What the eyes don’t see

In the world today everyone seems to live their life so publicly and whilst I like the connection with the world I sometimes wonder what it is they don’t share. I have realised that even I hide behind posts and blogs sometimes. What people see is what I want them to see. Yet another mask and I’m not sure that’s who I want to be. I thought I had stopped hiding behind a facade.

I used to wear different masks for different people and occasions, sometimes I wore them that often I believed that they were who I was. They were not.

Nowadays what you see is what you get. You get the good days, the bad days and the naked. No I don’t mean I’m going to torture people with my physical nakedness, just that I cover me with nothing. I may not always share at the time as I think it’s vital to protect yourself until you can cope or are ready to share but when I do, I give it all.

I have suffered from depression. This means therefore that I will always suffer with depression. Not because I don’t have it under control, not because I want it, not because I like being in that state of mind. Depression is part of who I am and in some respects makes me the person I am for the better as I see, hear, understand, empathise with so many more people. I can sense another sufferer without them telling me. I can empathise with good and bad days. I can help because I know, I have been there, I’ve lived their life and they have lived mine.

When you see the laughter, the parties, the earning loads of money posts. When you see the lovely homes, the holidays, the flash car, the perfect family, remember this is what you are meant to see. Do not judge. Do not assume life is perfect. They are telling you a story, a lifestyle, values, dreams and some, but only some, reality. Underneath there are people the same as you. They still cry, hurt, laugh, struggle to get up, have hangovers, row, get frustrated with themselves and those they love. They are still human.

Next time you see someone’s on line life remember they are human too and sometimes need to reach out, they don’t always know how but if they do don’t judge or assume, just take their hand and lend them your ears to listen and your heart for compassion. Your hand can be what saves them from themselves that day. 

What the eyes don’t see….is the person behind the mask.


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