When your eyes deceive you

This week I met a most creative couple, one being an artist and in front of me were these beautiful pictures; photographs of a woman, some knickerbocker glories and some wine. Oh how my eyes deceived me as these were no photographs, these were his paintings. Absolutely outstanding.

It made me wonder though how else our eyes deceive us and wonder if what we see is reality, a photograph or a painting created by an artist? 

When you see yourself in the mirror do you see reality, authenticity, something your can touch and feel the warmth of? Do you see a snapshot, an image taken at a moment in time that is still the same, doesn’t age, doesn’t change, is always as you see it? Do you see a painting, someone created with love, artistry, creativity, capturing fine details and leaving people unsure as to whether you are real or not?

What do you see and what would you like to be there? 


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