Between two worlds

I read a beautiful blog today and it spoke of a woman between two worlds. The one where she is caught between fight or flight, not knowing where she’s going, fearful of what she is currently experiencing and the consequences of both staying and going. She holds tension in her body and yet that tension isn’t fear, it’s simply breath.

She breathes to see clearly and not panic, she breathes to let go of the conditioning she and her ancestors have gone through so she doesn’t make a judgement call that doesn’t suit, she avoids the fight or flight impulse. She breathes to give herself time.

This woman, this courageous soul is making decisions which will carry her on a new path. A path she cannot clearly see but she is brave enough to walk along. She is stood at the crossroads where there is no signpost so she listens, she listens to her inner self for guidance. She is breathing to look inside to feel her own inner strength rise to the surface, to experience new, different, alternative choices. This is the dawn of a new day and it begins with a single breath.

How much do you want to draw that new breath? How much do you value yourself to learn how to breathe again? What are you willing to change to give yourself choices? Where will a single breath take you?

We can spend many years living a life we think is okay but one single breath can begin a life that is spectacular, enlightening, free, empowering, beautiful, strong, loud in colour and silent in thought. It takes courage to step forward and say “this has to change”, that’s the toughest decision you can ever make and the journey along this new path you have created will still have twists and turns and the occasional speed bump to trip you. The difference is the road has been laid down by you and the twists and turns are your choices and the speed bumps are simply the decisions you need to make, can now make.

If you are standing between two worlds, learn to breathe.


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