Oh that unconscious mind….

The inside of my head is sometimes like a debating arena and the two representatives are my conscious and unconscious minds. I say minds in the plural, not mind in the singular as they are distinctly separate and in the past were rarely at one. I find this in itself surprising as they both have the same goal; to keep me safe, clothed, fed, financially abundant and well.

So are they even equal in stature and status or is one very much in charge? 

There is no equality in that arena, the unconscious mind is in charge at every stage and I have learnt that it has its quirks….the major one being it DOES NOT UNDERSTAND NEGATIVES! Do not go near the busy road….guess where I go? Do not buy that you don’t need it….guess what I take home? Do not trust that person….. Do not, do not, do not…. The list is endless but the result is always the same, the unconscious mind does not understand the negative and the debating begins.

Watching what I think and what I say are absolutely vital. When there is disharmony between my conscious and unconscious mind, a debate begins and I feel irritated, fuzzy in thought, not satisfied with where I am in life, desperation sets in and it begins to feel like walking in treacle. I’m irritated because I am feeding my unconscious mind the wrong words.

I need to breathe on these occasions. With each breath I feel a sense of order returning. I feel a sense of calm and control. I hear silence. I see clearly. I feel like someone has touched my heart and slowed it down. When I breathe I remember where I am going and I can see the path I am taking and with that comes 20:20 vision.

When you argue internally with yourself you are creating a feeding ground for negativity, from yourself, to yourself and from the universe to you. When there is peace inside it is also what you give out and also receive. No more complicated that that. The journey you take to get there will be a little bumpy and usually uphill but boy when you reach the top and take in the view it’s indescribable.

You need a guide? A hand to hold? Someone to shove you uphill from behind? An ear to listen? A space to do it that’s yours and yours alone? Just call my name, tell me you’re ready and the journey will simply begin.


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