Anyone can do easy? 

I’ve never been known to take the easy option in life, although there are times when I wish I had. Today I met my friend in my garden and he reminded me that I am better than this, that I am meant to be more and he’s right. We stood, he and I, and watched the world go by in front of us and he reminded me that I can either stand this side of the gate looking in or I can climb over and live it.  My choice? I jumped the fence, kissed him on the cheek and stepped forward into another day.

It’s easy to sit back and let the world go by. Even if there are daily struggles, fears or hardships, it’s easy to ride with them. It’s harder to fight back and make changes so that you take control. Or is it?

Control is something we should all experience. It’s empowering, it’s enlightening, it’s life giving. To know that what happens to you is created by you is a huge emotion. Pride some may call it perhaps. To be able to stand up, look out onto your life and think “I did that” is an amazing feeling. To see people you love growing because of how you interacted with them, to see a business evolving maybe or to see your own self grow in courage and knowledge. Totally awesome.

I don’t think its ever been in my nature to do easy. I’ve always been comfortable in being different and doing things against expectations. Yes it was hard, yes it meant I was bullied, yes it meant I didn’t have a great friendship group, yes it meant I sometimes had to go without but I wouldn’t swap it for the world. If I’d taken easy I would be in a very different place to where I am now and whilst others may be comfortable there, it just wasn’t for me.

Some are happy being in a place they know isn’t what their heart desires but it’s comfortable and safe. That’s totally okay as long as you are happy there. Some people will put up with what they have because it easier than changing it, the pain, the hurt, the world of uncomfortable are all a step too far for what might or might not be better. Me? I just assume it will be better and go for it. 

If where you are in life is comfortable, not perfect but comfortable and you don’t think that changing it will be better, then where you are stay and make the most of what you have. You are in a lucky and blessed place if you can say life is actually okay. If where you are frustrates you to the extent where you know in your heart there is something more then ask yourself if you want to stay or move. 

As I write though, I wonder if easy is the right word! It’s not easy to accept that you cannot change even though you’d like to. It’s not easy to accept that for one reason or another, totally out of your control, you have to stay. Maybe that is the harder option when you can see your life’s potential but can’t step into it. Maybe it is easier to step away and make change….

I guess it’s down to where you are to say whether you are taking the easy or the hard option. Maybe we should just ensure we make the most of whatever options we have or take. I wonder your thoughts on is….


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