Letting the sunshine in

How often do we intentionally block out the sunshine from our lives because we are too scared by what it may bring? I notice talking to people that we accept negativity as normal and are suspicious of anything that is good. 

Today I had a message about signing up to get a free card from a supermarket. My immediate reaction was ‘great I could do with that’ but when it didn’t work like I expected and asked for others contact details I became suspicious. I didn’t complete and warned others of using it but still there is a part of me that wonders….just wonders what I may have missed out on.

We don’t believe in good anymore without suspicion and doubt. We don’t believe that good things can be for free. We don’t believe in the good intention of others without wondering what they get or if it’s a scam. How sad is our world? How sad am I not to trust? 

With people I meet, whether they be friends, acquaintances or even complete strangers, I like to give the benefit of the doubt and trust who they are and what they say to me. I don’t do that with things I can’t see or businesses or the Internet. Does that indicate we have lost our sense of belief, of wonder, of goodness in our world? I really hope not.

If we lost belief in good what would it leave us with? Mistrust in everyone we meet? Assuming everyone as an alternative reason for helping us, talking to us, wanting to know us? We mustn’t let that happen. We mustn’t stop the sunshine coming into our lives. We may miss out on so much if we mistrust.

Bask in the sunshine that new friends, relationships, opportunities bring. If you are aware but not mistrusting you can deal with whatever comes. At least you would feel the warmth on your face and the light it would give.


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