Creation of reality

You do not have to accept your existence, you actually just need to remember that it’s in your power to create your own reality.

What is reality after all? It’s whatever you think, feel, see, touch, smell isn’t it? Therefore if it’s what you are experiencing surely it goes that you can change or create it? The human race is easily led and many willing to accept who they are, their situation and therefore their lives. Some are happy to stay there and that is fine. Some are willing to say “this is how it is perceived but now I need to create reality. My reality.” 

My hat is raised and I applaud those who create their own reality. Those who take control of their lives and decide what it’s going to look like. Those who may not confirm to societies vision for them. Those who decided what is right for them and those they love and then implemented it.

So many people get caught in the “this is my lot” conversation with themselves and see no other option. They can’t see it because they haven’t yet created it. Yes it’s hard. Yes people may not approve and some even leave your life – if this is the case that is how it’s meant to be. And yes your reality will make you happy, because if you don’t like that reality when you get there, you already know it’s in your power to recreate it until you do.

People, quite rightly sometimes, feel the fear and allow it to stop the creative process. It is scarey. It is tough. It does mean losing some things to gain others. The question is, is all the change, the work, the effort, the losses worth the gain? What do you gain? I can’t answer that as I don’t know what your expectations, dreams, goals and desires are but I do know from experience that creating my own life and then truly living in it is the best thing I’ve ever done and why? Because I’m worth it.

What are you worth?


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