The smell of desperation 

Does anyone else think we emit an aroma dependent on our mood? I wonder sometimes if the energy we give off is more of a scent to others around us. When we are happy, sad, romantic, desperate we may give off different scents such either attract or repell another person. It may also be that dependent on what character you are, you could be attracted to different scents.

If, for example you are a sad character or disposition, it could be that this attracts those who empathise, so it’s not just what you look like, or how you carry yourself but how you actually smell to them. If you are desperate, whether that be for love, money or maybe a new job, that your desperation is actually possible to breathe in and those you are trying to attract are repelled. You may only attract the very people you are trying to avoid or the sharks in our society who prey on such characteristics.

An odd theory possibly but the more I think about it, the more possible is seems.

I’m quickly drawn to the film Twilight where one of the main characters is human, whereas the others, vampires. To one she smells totally irresistible and to the others she is lunch. Who’s to say this is not true in our world?

So, if we go with the theory that this is the case and people are repelled by say, a smell of desperation, and you really need to change that as the opposite is required, can you change it? On thinking it through, I believe you can. If you are desperate what are you displaying that may come with an offensive scent? Panic, sadness, frustration or anger maybe? All of which are negative attributes and I’m guessing if we smelt them they wouldn’t be attractive to most people. If, on the other hand, you were positive, upbeat, relaxed and calm, they feel like they should be quite pleasant and an encouragement for those you want to draw in.

I have never really considered olfactory attraction as part of a persons character but this morning it feels that this is quite logical. So have a think about how you “smell” today. I’m not suggesting you haven’t showered or are wearing the wrong deodorant, but how your demeanour, your emotions and your personality smell today to those around you.

Are you giving off the scent you want to attract the right type of people or things? Can you change how you are feeling to change the scent? What about a little experiment…. If recently you have not been attracting the kind of people you desire, think how you have behaved, spoken or been emotionally. Change it, make a real effort to act differently, feel differently within yourself and just see what happens. I don’t think this is an overnight win but who knows, it maybe.


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