It’s a popular thing to do these days isn’t it, to detox? To many it means putting them through a regime their body isn’t used to, or doesn’t really want, in order to feel better. It’s a good thing to do every now and again but what about a detox of your thoughts and ways of thinking? 

A detox of your mind is just as important as a detox for your body. We all carry baggage in there that needs to be let go as it simply doesn’t serve us. We need to let go of negativity, of criticism, of thinking dark thoughts about ourselves or others. We need to get rid of the toxins in our heads to allow in the light, fresh, positive thoughts and ideas.

Our own internal ‘beating’ does not add any value to our lives. We must accept and let go. This is sometimes the hardest thing in the world to do. We live in a blame culture and are very quick to do so, whether that be blaming ourselves or another. If something isn’t quite going to plan, isn’t quite what we thought it would be or doesn’t meet our expectations, we dismiss it as failure and act accordingly.

Today feels like a day as good as any to detox, begin again, start afresh. It’s Monday andfor the  majority, the start of a new week. How about beginning it by letting go of all in your head that is poisoning your thoughts. All that is making you dislike or hate. All the negativity build up that you have created about someone, something or a situation. We can do this by accepting that we aren’t perfect and neither is anyone else and forgiving ourselves and them.

You know what you need to let go of. It’s the first thing that springs to mind. Let it go. Say it out loud or in your head. Focus on releasing the toxins in your head that do not serve you and let in light, good intention, peace and a sense of freedom. Allow yourself to be free of negativity. Give it up to the universe. Let go.

When you detox your head, your stress levels will reduce, you will look at things differently, more calmly and you will find yourself breathing more gently. Your face will relax and smile, your jaw will relax and you will generally feel more alive. A detox of the head affects the whole body. Give it a go. What’s to lose?


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