Is this your time?

“There’s a place for us, a time and a place for us.” I honestly believe that we all have our time but sometimes we have to recognise and accept that it’s not always when we want it to be. This is where patience kicks in. 

There are so many things I want to do and achieve and enjoy but I have to accept that although they are all coming my way (and yes you have to truly believe they are to receive them) they may not be given to me exactly when I want them. Patience in not my forte.

There are also times when you want to put things off, usually for what you tell yourself are  good reasons but sadly the universe is screaming “get on with it, it’s time”. Not because they want to rush you or give you more on your plate, but because it’s going to help you move to the next stage. Sometimes if you delay, you will always delay because it’s never the right time to do certain things, usually when it’s uncomfortable or new.

It’s never the right time to focus on yourself for example. Most of us find it hard to give ourselves time to do what we need or be who we are meant to be, even though we know in our hearts that to be a better version of ourselves is what we need to do. So today you need to stop and ask, “if I allow myself the luxury of giving myself an hour a week that is all mine, to do with it what I need, am I worth it?”

I cannot answer that for you but I know that personally that is a resounding yes. If I do not give myself the permission to take time just for me I am no good to anyone else. I end up emotionally and physically drained and there is nothing left in the tank to give. So instead of feeling selfish for taking time I have realised and accepted that I’m being unkind to others if I don’t do me time. Why? Because I cannot give them time, love or anything else they need uncondiitonally. I would begin to resent them for taking the time I needed so desperately to recharge.

We all have a place and a part to play in this great adventure on planet earth and some know what theirs is and some blindly stumble through. I took time, for my sanity and my family, to step back for a while to work it out. I gave myself permission. I’ve still a long way to go to reach my potential but if I give myself an hour each week to just be me and feed my soul I will get there. You can too.


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