Overwhelm….you’re staying how long?

When you have a friend or relative to stay there is usually an agreed amount of time but sometimes, just sometimes they overstay their welcome. You gently drop hints but it’s like they are blind to them, comments fall on deaf ears and it all begins to become a little uncomfortable. They know they are now there far longer than agreed but don’t want to go and you have had your space invaded long enough and need them to go.

It’s crunch time….. How much do you want your space back? How much do you want control of your living areas, your kitchen, your bathroom, your time? What are you willing to do to achieve this? Can you be subtle or has that failed so far? Is it time to just say it as it is and get everything back to normal?

Overwhelm is like this. Overwhelm is the unexpected or over staying guest. Overwhelm has no subtleties, is thick skinned when it comes to hints and is happy staying whilst you allow it. So, who’s in control here? If you think it’s you right this minute then why is it still here? I fear overwhelm has the power and its down to you to take it back. This life is your life so own it.

You are awake at 3am; you haven’t really slept properly; you are feeling muddled; you feel like you haven’t a single minute to get anything done; you are forgetting things and it feels like everything you once had control of is sliding away, like a jelly off a plate, crashing to the floor with a huge splat.

If you just uttered “Yes that’s me but I can’t live like this any longer, things must change” then a round of applause to you because you just made the decision to take control and turf out the unwelcome guest. You may not know how but if you are reading this you know someone who does. I lived in overwhelm. Mine wasn’t a house guest, mine was the actual house I lived in, day in and day out. I still visit occasionally, a bit like heading to a historic house for a look around and to see the history, but I moved house a while back and never allow guests.

Overwhelm is simply your own unconscious mind talking, niggling, talking down to you, pecking away with negativity until you begin to believe it. Overwhelm is taking on so much that at some point it all gets into a jumble and you can’t see anything clearly. Overwhelm is emotion. Overwhelm is you telling you you can’t but you can. Overwhelm is also temporary, is controllable and is just a guest that you can ask to leave.


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