Oh my goodness this is probably the biggest word in the word even if it is only made of four letters.

This morning my heart melted as I had to watch my dear friend crumble because of love. Not losing it because love was lost but because it was time to say goodbye to it for ever. The end of a life is the hardest thing to manage, to accept, to be ready for.

To want to take their pain away knowing you can’t. To want to make it all better with a word or a hug knowing that you never can. Wanting to stand in their place to save them from the pain knowing its something they have to do. To want to  give them all one more day knowing that even the universe isn’t going to be able to do that.

Love is huge, love is humbling, love is a learning process. Love gives us growth. Love gives us joy. Love gives us a spring in our step and makes our heart beat a little faster. Love is so enormous, unconditional, beautiful, heart breaking when its gone and a memory that sits in our hearts not our heads.

To watch someone have to say goodbye when they aren’t ready is beyond any words I can put on this page. You can do nothing, say nothing that will help. All you can do is hold their hand and be there when they need you. All you can do is wish their loved one a safe journey and hope they know how much they were loved during this one.

I have no words that can help, inspire, repair the wound left behind but I can give my heart to love and care, my hands to hold and wipe away a tear, my ears to listen, my arms to hug and my time to just be there. I hope they know…..



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