What doesn’t kill you …..

Where do we get our strength from to achieve, to get through tough times, to fight illness or to be better than we were? Determination, a desire to fight and what we’ve experienced?

Peoples back stories fascinate me. I love finding out who they are, where they’ve travelled from, not geographically but personally and I love their stories of how they’ve battled life to be stood in front of me. They are strong because they’ve experienced life and conquered everything. They are strong because they took control. They are strong because they chose to learn from the experiences, not repeat them.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has something to tell. Everyone can use these stories to grow, be a better version of themselves and teach others how to do the same.

I find myself drawn to these people, kindred spirits so to speak. In a room of people I will be able to sense who has a past that is of interest or they need to move on from. I’m drawn in like a moth to a flame. Sometimes we dance a while whilst they learn to understand it’s safe and there is no judgement on my part and sometimes we begin a journey together instantly we meet.

Trust. To trust is all. To trust is vital. To trust makes us vulnerable. But when we trust we open up like a flower as a raindrop touches it’s velvety petals, we lift our gaze and we feel the warmth of the sunshine on our faces. We breathe again and glow like we are filled with beautiful yellow buttercups or warm sunshine.

When someone takes your hand and says it’s okay, you’re safe, we can get through this or just holds you until the fear is gone, you can begin again. All the pain, the loss, the trials and stresses will just seem less. Less loud, less bright, more distant, manageable. 

What doesn’t kill you makes your stronger so they say and if you recognise the kindred spirit in the room and you make the journey together it becomes easier too.


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