All I can be

I’ve never been enough. For me.

I’ve never achieved all I wanted. On my scale.

I’ve never loved the right person at the right time. Me.

I’ve never made plans and stuck to them. So far.

I’ve never patted myself in the back. Until now!

How many I wonder can identify with any of these? How many can say honestly that they do or have looked at themselves and felt that way. We are never enough for ourselves are we?

That was me until now. I have learnt that I can be anything I want to be but even more importantly I am all I can be now, today, this minute and that is all I need to know. I have plans, I have goals, I have dreams and ambitions but I know that as I write this, I am all I can be, today. What I learn today will make me a better, bigger, brighter human being tomorrow but today I am happy with being me as I am now.

When you look at yourself in the mirror see who you really are, strip back the person you maybe to everyone else, their opinion is not your concern. Just look at you. See the lines, the flaws, the bits you dislike and then look again. See the brightness in your eyes, see the goodness in your heart, see the smile that lights up a day, see the hands that touch and give love, see the body that carries you through each day, see the legs and feet that take you to new places. You are such a perfect, beautiful human being. 

Look deeper, through your eyes and into your soul. You are bright and colourful, you have the strength of a thousand elephants, you are as courageous as you need to be, you are loving, you are you and you should love the you that you see.

This may take time because for some even looking at themselves is a really hard thing to do as they have so much hate for themselves, so much self loathing but try, just try and eventually you will see the bits of you that are good, the bits the others in your life who love you see already. Love who you are and you become a person who is all they can be. No comparison to others. No what if and maybe. No need to be someone else, simply be you.


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