Giving it a go even when you may fail…

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself”.

I absolutely love people who will give things a go. That mindset where they are clearly thinking “this is awful, I’m going to fail, I will make a fool of myself, I can’t do this” and yet they do it anyway.

Last night I saw a whole tribe of these thinkers. Given a new task, totally out of their comfort zone, possibly going to look ridiculous but with the safety net of having friends all doing the same. They totally blew me away. They were amazing.

Not only did they persevere, they achieved hugely, were spectacular fun and went home happy in the knowledge that they tried something new, succeeded in it and had a great time in the process. A success I think!

I was the type of person that would avoid situations where I might fail because failing is bad and makes you look stupid. Great mindset that isn’t it? Never, ever trying because I might fail. Think of all those things I have missed out on. Think of all those experiences I have lost, the people I’ve never met and the fun I’ve never enjoyed. What a waste but no more does that happen.

Twice this week I have put myself in situations where I was so far out of my comfort zone I was nearly in Mars but I have absolutely had a ball each time. To let my hair down, let my guard down and just go with the occasion has been liberating.

What are you still avoiding I wonder? Who are you avoiding becoming? How will you ever change if you don’t take a risk? When are you going to decide to change what you do and who you pretend to be and allow the real you out to play? Today? Next year? 2020? Never? What are you afraid of? Failing or actually enjoying yourself?

“Don’t worry about failures. Worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try”. Jack Canfield


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