Are you waiting for inspiration or answers?

Inspiration is the gift for action, for new thought, for achievement. Answers belong to someone else.

So many people have become baby birds, sat with their mouths open waiting for someone to put the food in there. They don’t have to think, their don’t have to do they just have to exist. How many people do you know like that? They are not takers, they are just people who have forgotten how to think for themselves, or maybe they never been taught or been given the opportunity. They are not lazy, they simply need to be shown, to be given something that lights a spark for the thought processes to begin.

This is where the inspirational come in….

Those people who are comfortable in their skin. Those who have made choices, taken risks, spent time developing themselves and very definitely have a why so big it gets them out of bed every day with a smile. They are not necessarily the loud, centre of attention types who scream about what they’ve done, who they’ve become, what they have. They are the ones who seems to glow when you come into contact with them; they have a sense of calm; they have words that capture your heart and your imagination.

I am blessed to have met a few of these in the last few years and they took me from my dark place to my glorious pool of light that bathes me today in warmth and colour and sparkle. I don’t think anyone of them will know, although I’ve said thank you, I don’t think they have a clue what a huge impact they made and how much they are part of who I then found inside. None gave me answers. They didn’t make an effort to help. They didn’t give me a step by step guide to feeling better and they didn’t ever ask for anything in return. All they gave me was love, attention, and something from inside themselves that I don’t think anyone really goes out of their way to create. Inspiration, belief and faith.

I wanted answers to why I was hurt, broken, messed up, sad and losing all sense of identity. I wanted to be the baby bird and for someone to come along and tell me everything I needed to know. They showed me that all the answers were inside me already and a way to find them. By looking inwards, by facing myself head on, by accepting what I couldn’t change and acting on everything else. I wanted answers and they gave me none. I wanted to get out of the dark so they simply glowed. I wanted more from life and they showed me I had choices. 

I wanted answers to fix the broken me. I got inspiration instead. I’ve never looked back and have never looked for answers since. Today be the inspiration not the one with all the answers.


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