How still the river

Inside my head sometimes are clashing cymbals, loud squawking music and a 1001 ideas or thoughts or things to do rushing forward uncontrollably. A torrent like a river in full flood. A tsunami I cannot stop. Or can I?

My head. My thoughts. My noise. My rush. My chaos. My choice. My control.

What I allow to take place is what I get. Whether I have a tsunami, a fast flow or a millpond is entirely my choice. Whether I let the river of thoughts control me or whether I stand in it building a dam so I control the flow is entirely my choice.

What’s the dam made of? For each of us it will be something slightly different, but for me it’s meditation, relaxation and allowing my mind to rest for just a few minutes throughout the day. I allow myself to stop, take five and breathe. I can be sat in my office, in my car, in a coffee shop, just before I do a massage, sat in the garden or anywhere else that I am. As long as I can find a space to stop, switch off and be, I can hold back the flow and control the speed my river of thoughts travels at.

Sometimes I just ignore the river completely and check out the view around it. The mountains, the blue sky, the flowers growing along its edges, the trees standing proud reaching their green leaves to the sunshine and the animals grazing. When I focus on the beauty around the river it seems to slow down all by itself. When I take my gaze from the chaos I feel the quiet and when I listen to the birdsong I hear the gentle trickle not the crashing waves.

My head. My thoughts. My quiet. My stillness. My order. My choice. My control.

You are the controller of the river in your head. Once you have mastered breathing, allowing yourself to stop for five and taking your focus away from the chaos to the order surrounding it, you will feel that control, feel that peace, be able to stop, regroup, breathe, carry on.

I teach people. I show them how. I help them see why. I provide the space for them to step into that’s safe, secure and quiet but more than that, it’s theirs and no one else’s. A place for them to experience the stillness of the river.


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