The stranger and me

Have you ever met someone and you just know you are meant to enter into a relationship on some level. I’m not necessarily talking romance, it might be friendship or business. It might be passing by for a short time and moving on or it might indeed be the love of your life. That forever one.

We humans are curious creatures and it makes me smile when we dismiss some of the science fiction we have so much of on the tv and in movies because who are we to dismiss that there is more to life than that which we see. 

“I’ll believe it when I see it” is a statement we use so much but in my world I know it’s totally the wrong way round. “I’ll see it when I believe it” is where my heart lies. I know that what I believe in, whether it is my next new client, money coming in, a relationship moving to another level, my children excelling at something or just achieving what I began this week, it will happen when I believe in it.

Relationships on any level are the same. If you really believe people will come into your life and between you, you will make a difference to each other or to the world, short or long term, it will come about. Whether you believe it, understand it, are slightly feared by it, we all have a connection, some more than others. Some are more accepting and open to that bond between people and when the light is shown them they just go with it as they believe it’s the right thing to do. 

Nowadays as a society we are, rightly in some situations, tentative about who we build relationships with, particularly online but I’m curious to know how many beautiful friendships and knowledge sharing opportunities do we miss out on by dismissing people or opportunities? Where is the trust? Why do we as a society instantly mistrust anyone we don’t know? 

I never used to believe in me and never believed that anyone would want to build any form of bond with me because I wasn’t worth it. I now know that this was like putting a wall between me and everyone else and others could feel it even if they couldn’t see it. Nowadays I ensure that this wall is never built, I believe in me, I know the benefits people will get from what I do as well as who I am and they just keep coming. I have met some amazing people in the last few months and whether they simply pass through, stay a while and become good friends or stay forever in my heart I do not know. I do not know and I do not mind because today they are here and I am blessed to have them as part of today.

Believe. Trust. Enjoy. Grow. Laugh. Love. 


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