It’s not being lost

When you are searching for you, it’s not always about being lost, it’s more about finding the very core of your soul, your heart and ensuring you are being true to you.

I’ve spent five years now finding my way home and yes for the majority of that I was definitely lost. I didn’t know who I was, why I was here on planet earth or what I was meant to be doing. For the last year though I have known exactly who I am and what my purpose is and yet I’m still finding my way home. The difference is this time I’m already on the path and heading in the right direction.

This path leads inward, I’m looking inward, looking at the inner me because finding she will be like finding the holy grail. The lifeblood. The elixier of eternal youth, happiness, peace. Searching, finding the woman inside will be the final part of my journey but I’m certainly not lost. I’m very much found. And the final part of this journey will simply be the beginning of another, a much brighter, gloriously exciting but peaceful one.

Where to look? My faith feels like the signpost to follow. 

I wonder how far down your life journey you are and which station have you reached and are ready to alight to. Maybe you are at the first stop; maybe you have only just purchased your ticket and haven’t actually boarded the train yet; maybe you are still looking at the map book working out where you fancy trying first. It doesn’t really matter whereabouts on your journey you are, it matters that you are on it, it matters that you have made the decision to begin your expedition, your journey to that final destination; who you are and your purpose.

This is going to be the most exciting, testing period in your life and some days will be better than the others but I can’t begin to describe how marvellous it’s going to be once you get underway. The first step, packing that case and making sure you have everything is hard but I suggest you travel light; all you need is faith, a belief that you can be more than you are and determination to work hard and give all you have, to you! After even a short time, looking back briefly to see how far you’ve travelled will surprise you.

All aboard as the train’s in the station and we’re ready to leave….. Not lost just finding.


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