The beginning of a new adventure

As a child or as an adult have you ever been on an adventure? My stomach is already feeling the excitement of one beginning. That buzz, those butterflies, the sense that something wonderful is about to be experienced. That feeling when I woke today tells me that today is the start of something new and I have no idea what it is, what it involves, who it involves or where and I don’t need to know. I need to feel and enjoy. I can’t express the level of excitement that it is creating.

“To live is an awfully big adventure” (Peter Pan) and no longer can we afford to watch it slip through our fingers or say we will do that tomorrow because the world is moving fast and if we don’t grab the opportunities, we  may miss our space in time to experience it. It will be given to someone else.

My list of things to do isn’t huge but it is written and it is clear. I no longer work out the ‘how to’ bit as I know if I want it enough I will get there but the what and the who has absolute clarity and I give this to the universe every single day. I know she listens. I know she creates the opportunities. It’s my choice if I decide to look out for them and take them when they present themselves.

I’ve never drunk red bull but I imagine the feeling I have today is what I would feel after drinking two or three cans of that. My skin is tingling, my head flying with places, pictures, words, ideas. Clarity, true clarity in my thoughts. 

In my head there is my inner child excitedly screaming “are we are there yet, are we there yet” whilst hopping from one foot to another. 

Oh yes my sweet, giddy inner child we have arrived and what an adventure we are about to embark upon…


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