Something inside to be said

Ever feel like there is something inside that you have to say but you don’t know how to release the words?

There are times in the morning when I go to write I have too many words and I may write three or four blogs before the right words escape my thoughts and transfer themselves to the iPad. It can be very frustrating and today is one of those days. I have so much inside that needs to come out but I’m so afraid of letting the words free because then consequences must be paid.

Words may be declarations of love, a thought, a decision. Words may be emotions that need to escape and by word is the only way to release them. Words may be knowledge or information that needs to be spread.  We have such an amazing language, a wide and profound vocabulary and we use just some of it.

Words wasted. Ever wanted to say something but didn’t take the chance just in case…. In case of what? Rejection? Fear of being wrong? Fear of being right? Being successful and all that it may bring? Fear of having to say goodbye and stand on your own? Fear of hearing yourself be strong, be brave, be independent and courageous? Words are never wasted if they are said with the right intent.

I have, over the last five years, found many words I had buried inside for over twenty years and it’s a joy to let them go, free them into the universe so she can do with them what she feels is right. It’s enlightening. It’s cathartic. It’s a privilege. It’s a gift from you to yourself and also the world around you. People need to hear your voice. You have a voice that needs to be heard, especially by you.

I still struggle releasing some words as I know there are consequences and I’m scared of facing them still. I know conversations are due and time is running short. I know I have some words I can never say to certain souls that speak to mine but at least they know what’s being said without words. I know words are important to me as they express who I am, how I feel, where I want to go and why. 

So I ask, as I always do, what are the words inside your head and you heart that you need to release. Maybe you need to release them just to you to begin with? Maybe you just need to take a breath and release them to whomever needs to hear them? Be brave today and begin. Why wait until tomorrow?


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