Leaving, letting go, moving on

When you do something or go somewhere new, even every new endeavour means leaving something behind. You will have touched someone, moved someone, learnt from someone or something, let go of the past or let go of a part of you that no longer serves you. It is progress, it is development, learning and you can’t move forward without leaving some part of who you were behind.

When you leave your house in the morning, most times you will leave the house in order, especially if you are leaving for a few days you will leave it in a state where you can move on comfortably knowing everything is as you wanted to leave it, ready for a new day when you get back. 

Life is the same. If you are going on a journey to somewhere you have never been before you would check a map, sat nav, globe, dependent on the destination. You certainly wouldn’t leave the house without even knowing which vague direction you should be travelling. So why would you do it with your life, your future. Where you are going in your life has to be thought about, planned, researched, there is no way you can successfully achieve if you just get up and start doing something differently. You may get there by sheer fluke but you’re more likely to be successful with some form of roadmap.

When my daughter left for uni it was really hard to let her go. My first born, my baby, stepping out on her own journey, her future, her destiny. It didn’t make me sad though because I knew I had helped her become the young woman she now was. I could confidently let her go knowing she was wise, loving, knowledgable, had ambition and could confidently stand up as the woman she had become. I was happy, proud and thankful.

She had left behind her childhood, her family, the bits of her she no longer needed to be the woman she now was. What she had experienced in this short time had created who she had now become and in time as she moves to the next chapter she will now doubt leave the bits that no longer serve her but will gain so much more.

This journey we are on, life, means change, means letting go, learning, growing, dreaming, living and you should never regret, feel sad or miss things that you leave behind. They will always be a part of you, good or bad, they are the things, experiences, knowledge that make you who you are today as you sit reading this blog. You are an amazing human being with a story to tell and a journey to continue on. 

Eventually you will leave it all behind and take another step forward to who knows where but until then know where you are going and don’t be afraid to let go of where you’ve been.


When life passes by

We are all only given the gift of our bodies for a short time. It’s is never meant as infinite and we never have a ‘best before or use by’ date attached. Our bodies and our lives are a gift and we should learn early on that what we do with them is crucial and impacts so many others.

I know a lady that passed this very day and whilst I haven’t seen her in many, many years I can still see her now, particularly at the doorway of her house. She was the hugest influence in my friends life and although her nanny, bought her up and became her rock. She was always there, a solid, beautiful human being and now she’s gone.

What she has left behind is that footprint in the sand but this one will never get erased.

When life is given we just get on with it and maybe don’t see the impact our actions have on others. How we behave, how we are with people, what we say and how we say it all influence another, whether we know it or not. This is why it’s so important to be the best we can.i No one surely goes out of their way to make a negative impact?

Whether we have two, thirty, sixty five or ninety years on this earth we should leave it knowing our footprint is there for others to step into. We should have guided, inspired, led and loved, never damaged, hurt, lost or belittled the world we leave behind.

A short blog today to just take a moment to show respect and love for a lady who gave so much and will be loved by her family and those she touched. If nothing else today love the ones you have in your life a little bit more than usual and make the gift you were given worthy of the footprint someone else may follow in.

Namaste & Blessings

Seeing the good in all we have

Seeing the good in all we have! Is this actually possible? Is it possible to see good in all the bad things is life? Is it possible to think only positively about everything? Some just muttered “don’t be ridiculous what’s good about…… in my life”, some said “for some things maybe” and there are a number of you who said “do you know I’m not sure but let’s give it a go”. 

There’s nothing wrong with any of those choices as it totally depends where your life is right this minute, your mindset and your circumstances. I never judge as that is cruel and very stupid if you don’t know someone’s circumstances but I do like to get people to just stop a minute and ask the question, so let’s explore.

If when you wake your first thought is a groan about going to work (been there know what that feels like), you can make some choices. These could be everything from actually getting up today and deciding today is the day to start a job hunt, to getting on with it as usual or to just think differently about what you are doing.

There must be something about your job or your workplace that you do like. You may not like the actual work but you work with a great crowd of people – so focus on the good in them and the actual work may not feel quite so bad. If you like the work but not the policitics, get your head down and get on with what you love and decide to sidestep the gossip, the back biting and enjoy what you are doing. If there really is nothing and it just pays the bills that is a choice you have made, and part of that choice is to stay, so see the positives in what it brings you or you family.

When I was suffering with depression, work was my focal point, and the only steady thing in my day so I took advantage and enjoyed the time there even though I wasn’t enamoured with the job or the workplace. When I was through all that I realised it was no longer enough to give me the satisfaction and happiness I craved so I had choices to make. I made them and moved on.

It could be financial, home, your social life, your work that give you that sick feeling in your stomach where you can see no daylight, no positives, no future but try to see something in those that keeps you going. Alternatively find something additional that you can go to, to find that sunshine, that breath of fresh air, that freedom and positivity. It may be you find someone who makes your day brighter and you can talk to. It may be a new hobby that once a week you can look forward to. It may be taking time for you. Whatever it is focus on that and see all the good and positivity it brings and less on what  makes you sad.

Seeing the good in everything isn’t some hippy way of life where you tell everyone even the bad stuff is good because it really isn’t. I know, I get it. Seeing the good is finding even one thing you can focus on and gain some sort of happiness or positivity from to keep you going through all the things that get you down. In time this one thing may become two or three or more and the negative becomes lessened, which would be the ideal but give it time.

Today a mission….for you to find at least two things good in something that you would normally frown over.

Life from a different angle

We can get so involved in our lives that we forget to appreciate what we have achieved and we cannot see life as a whole. 

If you imagine travelling through your day as an insect, small, looking up but only seeing small sections of anything, never seeing much more than the soil, the base, the foundations. Now whilst the foundations of your life, your career, your happiness have to be solid for anything else to be sustainable, if you can’t see what is built above or appreciate the vastness or value of what you have, you can never be appreciative of what is there.

Now an insect, say an ant, can climb so you can get a different angle at least but to truly appreciate and see the vision, the life, the vastness of all you have, all you have created, all you are living you have to go far higher than an ant can climb and see.

Become the eagle…. Take flight and soar above. You now have the capacity to travel, to swoop in and focus on specifics or move quickly and review briefly different things or parts of your life. The eagle can take flight or can gently land and rest awhile in one particular place. As an eagle your eyesight is sharp, your hearing more perceptive and your wingspan so large you can soar for many a mile without flapping.

Soar and appreciate. You have created a world, a life so amazing, yet sometimes you don’t stand back and appreciate it as a whole. You may be a mum or a dad, elsewhere in your day, your life you may be wife, husband, partner, you may have a career, you may be a carer, you may be an expert of something in your own right. In all of that you are also you and from the ant world you maybe cannot see that but from above you will see clearly how you the person fits into this magical life you have created.

When life gets messy and you can’t see your way, you lose direction, feel like everything is too big, too loud, too messy, you have made yourself the ant. Stop. Breathe. Close your eyes and inside become the eagle. Adjust your thinking, don’t be afraid of the height, stretch your wings and use those thermals around you of belief, positivity, hope, creativity, hard work and determination and take flight. Rise above the noise and feel the peace. What feels like mess, from above, will look like order. From above you will see the whole picture and will see clearly the path running through.

Your life may not always be perfect but it is all yours and you can write the next page anytime you like but take a moment to take a look at the amazing world you have already created and tell yourself well done.

Change is blowing in

This morning I feel a sense of movement, a shift, a change in the air. I can only tell you what my gut feels as there is no foundation to this but change is upon us and it’s time to think, act and be different.

This feeling tells me there is a sense of urgency, an excitement to what is to come and no matter who you are or what you do change is around the corner for you. Change doesn’t have to be huge, in fact small step changes every day will produce a much larger impact long term. You are in control of this change, in fact it’s your responsibility to make the changes in and for your life.

Many people struggle with change as it’s uncomfortable, different and usually an unknown in its outcome but as long as you are the one controlling the what, the how fast and the why, then you should never fear it. Be excited by change!

If I look back exactly twelve months and think what I was doing and who I was to where I am this very morning, the step is astonishing but there was only one step, one decision which was huge, the rest have all been small incremental steps forward. I’ve surprised myself in what I’ve managed to achieve and it was from a very simple statement of “things need to change for me to be happy”.

My gut tells me change is coming and yours will tell you what needs to change in your own life. Listen to your gut. It won’t ever let you down and it’s job to is to ensure you are the best you can be. What small change can you make today that will be an initial step?  What one thing can you do differently? Remember that doing something the same way and expecting change is utter madness. If you want something to be different you have to act, think, be different.

Change is healthy, change means progress, change means momentum forward and when you are at the helm, in charge, in control, the decision maker, what can go wrong. Change is good, exciting, progressive and essential. Enjoy the ride as change is here – will you be thrown around by the storm or be the storm?

Getting older

What does it mean to you to be getting older? Do you worry about what little time you may have left or are you someone who embraces what you have? I am the latter. Things may have been different if I hadn’t lost my mum when she was just sixty and to be totally honest until a few short years ago I was allowing myself to put my own lifespan at the same age and couldn’t see beyond.

Quite ridiculous to think that way but I was really struggling to see beyond that number. Now I realise that the end could be next week, in 2020 or I may live to be 100 and I know I’m okay with all of that as I’ve made peace with myself so I live every single day. I don’t take for granted what I have or what I’ve learnt and I enjoy all I have. 

I don’t know about you but I embrace being older. Being older seems to bring with it a different outlook. I see this part of my life as gaining more understanding; about people, attitudes, communication and I see how my past experiences interweave with what I do now and the lessons I learnt can be applied all over again. 

I am more fascinated by people, places, how things work and interact. What I thought was plain is now beautiful and I see beauty in very different ways, places and actions. I’m more tolerant. I understand that people have stories and experiences that you know nothing about, so I’m more tolerant of behaviours or actions. I use what I have and what I know to give to those who may find it helpful – trying to give them a shortcut around some of the pain I may have experienced doing the same thing. I should perhaps let them learn the hard way too but maybe their lesson is in something else so it saves them time.

I feel older in a good way. This means I’m wiser, more tolerant, I feel beautiful, I’m at peace with myself, I have time and experience to give away, I have love in abundance and want to share it and I’m no longer afraid of a number or what life my hold or how long it may be. What comes, comes and I will deal with it all as it does. Friends and family may become ill, or may even die so I make sure I love them, show them friendship and have fun now, not just tomorrow.

I weave what I’ve learnt, what I’ve experienced into today, into now. I take the good, the bad and all the learning and I bring them into where and who I am today. I’m not ashamed to be getting older. In fact if I was offered to repeat a time in my life I would turn it down. Everything I did, said, experienced, whether that be heart breaking, happy or painfully awkward is a part of the woman who stands here today. I’m still learning. I’m still learning who I am, what I’m capable of achieving, my sexuality, my sense of humour, my tolerance level, my spirituality, my capacity to give and to love. So much more to do, to live, to be.

If I only have today, then I’m thankful I shared with you (whoever out in the world reads this blog) my thoughts, my feelings, my life learnings and if you gained one thing from them, then I have served a purpose. But if tomorrow I wake, then I will be thankful and we will do this all again. Be grateful for age, it brings so much more than it takes away.


Laughter required on planet earth

I have a habit of taking life too seriously sometimes. I forget to have fun with things and then they become a chore. What do you take seriously? When was the last time you properly laughed?

For some that will be an easy answer to hear and for others quite painful as they realise it may have been weeks or months since they last laughed.

We have so many different types of laughter; giggle, belly laugh, nervous, covering up pain, forced, a snigger – the list goes on. I’m talking one of those laughs that comes from deep inside and physically hurts by the time you’ve calmed enough to stop. I love those moments. Being honest it takes quite something to get me there but when it happens it’s one of the best feelings.

How often do you laugh at yourself, your actions, your words, your life? Bit more difficult for most people that one. I know it’s a fact that I take everything I do too seriously sometimes and want to shout “lighten up woman” to myself. I’m so passionate about what I do, where I have been, my journey and where it’s all going that I simply forget to have fun with it. This past week or so I think has been one of those times and I think for every business  owner it can be the same.

So, I’m set goals myself a mission for this month and that is to have fun with everything I do and see what difference it makes come 30 September, in how I feel, what I’ve achieved, whether earnings have gone up and who I am. It’s something silly, it’s a challenge, it will remind me on harder days to lighten up and maybe, just maybe having laughter will be infectious and I will pass it on to others. August was amazing, hard work and successful and now I want September to have all that but with more giggles.

So think about it, how seriously do you take yourself? How seriously do you take what you do? How serious do you take life and are you having fun on planet earth? If you aren’t, perhaps it’s time you did. Life is too short for being successful without enjoying it and sharing that enjoyment along the way. Let’s make September the month to be the beginning of a new way of living….giggling is compulsory…..fun is a definite must have and a smile a day is absolutely essential.