Being brave

Brave. A word we all understand but it has different meanings dependent on the context in which you use it. Being brave for me, especially today, means going beyond where you feel comfortable, doing something you are afraid of, not believing in yourself, but doing it anyway and rising above your own self limitations and recognising what you just achieved.

Today I witnessed a few of these moments and feel honoured to have done that. People really being brave and doing something new, something they were totally uncomfortable with and trusting in someone else’s belief in them.

You don’t have to conquer an army or a nation to be brave. Sometimes simply conquering your own fears is more than enough to earn a badge of honour. Being safe in what you do, never stretching yourself, never believing in the impossible is the easy option.

Today I saw people grow in stature as they realised their own capabilities. I witnessed businesses go up to the next level just because their owner realised their own potential. I was humbled by all those who stepped away from who they were and became who they are destined to be. 

These were not superheroes. They were not special. These were not seekers of fame and fortune. These were hard working business owners, willing to put themselves and their comfort on the line to educate others, to grow their business, to grow themselves and I salute each and every one of them.

To be a small part, an onlooker, a witness, the provider of opportunity for someone to step up, the creator of space for someone to expand into is a total blessing and fills me with total humility for those who took a breath and said “I can”.


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