That Monday feeling

I never used to sleep on Sunday night because that awful dread of going to work on Monday usually had started late afternoon and by bedtime I was beside myself. My stomach in knots, my head buzzing, anticipating everything that will go wrong, the sniping, the backbiting and the general lethargy I would be greeted with in a new week. 

Naturally being a drama queen I managed by about 2.30am to have made what was just a general emotional worry into something enormous and by the time I had given up and got up I had already decided I was going to have a terrible day, in fact a terrible week.

The key here is I had decided….

It never occurred to me that if I decided it was going to be awful and full of misery I could also decide it was going to be fun and filled with laughter. I didn’t know then what I know now. Oh how I wish I had and maybe, just maybe, those Sunday evenings would have been filled with peaceful sleep instead of misery and stress.

We make choices about our emotional state and what we will and won’t allow. We make choices about how we approach people and situations and we make choices as to whether we are going to be happy or not. We may, on first thinking it through, argue against this and lay the blame neatly at someone else’s door but no, ultimately we are in control of our thoughts, our feelings, our actions and no one else can dictate what they are.

Yes of course a situation, a persons words or deeds or those adorable curve balls that life throws in sometimes to remind us we are alive, will come knocking at the door. We are allowed to be stressed, cross, bitter or upset but where we have the control is deciding for how long. We decide the what, the where, the who. We decide how it affects us. 

We can spend hours on a Sunday tossing and turning. We can groan every Monday and wish the week away. We can decide the week is going to be rubbish before it even starts. Alternatively, we can embrace what we can control and make the most of what we have ahead. We can decide that even if there are things we don’t enjoy, we will enjoy more the bits we do. We can decide to accept that someone else may press our buttons and wind us up, but we control which buttons. 

How we react, how we approach life, how we deal with our week is all in our gift so no more “oh god it’s Monday” quotes on Facebook. No more moaning about the fact this next five days wil not be fun like the last two. It’s what you make of it. If you think miserable, don’t be surprised if you are. Think happy, positive and be accepting of things you can’t control and don’t be surprised if the week improves. Easier said than done I know but if you dismiss it as too much like hard work at least you’ve made a choice.

I no longer have a five and two day week but I do know that even on the darkest, coldest morning so far in a while I’m really looking forward to what the day brings, I’ll not say the week because even tomorrow is too far away and doesn’t need my attention. Today does.


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