Order from disorder

The last couple of days for me have been overwhelm. My workload, emotional chaos, busyness, lack of control and a burning desire for structure, control, peace, calm, space to think and make sense of it all. The universe just created my ideal client in me!

I had reached a plateau, a comfortable spot, satisfied but no fire in my belly to rush, push myself too far, relaxed with what I’m doing and who I am. Hurrah for the universe!!! If I forget how my client feels how can I hope to help them. How can I create space for them to take time and let go if I have forgotten what it feels like. The universe reads me well and I thank her.

I hold the space for those who can no longer make sense of what they are doing, are dropping things and thoughts, missing out, absent from their own lives, overwhelmed about what has to be done and the time it all has to be done in.

What do I mean by holding space? Imagine if you will your ideal place where you can be quiet. It could be anywhere you feel loved, feel secure, calm and safe. But, with all the chaos of your life around it you cannot get to it, it’s always just out of your reach. I recreate an atmosphere in my treatment room where you are inside that ideal place. You don’t have to battle with the chaos, I simply take it away for you and put it on one side so you get to enjoy the space, the peace, the calm, the order, the place that regenerates you from the inside out. When you come to leave the chaos I promise is more manageable.

My hands take away the chaos and leave only the calm, your inner calm that you do possess, you just can’t always see, feel or hear it. My hands massage the skin and the muscles but they are doing more than that. They settle into the rhythm of your breath, the beating of your heart and they unfurl the tangle of life that you have wrapped, coiled and entwined around you. Where will you be…..wherever your inner self needs you to be.

When next I feel overwhelmed by life I won’t take it as a negative, that I am failing, that I have lost control, I will simply remind myself that this is how my client feels and its my hands, my massage, my purpose to take them to a place where chaos becomes order, noise becomes quiet and life is manageable once again.


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