Justin Bieber thought provoking?

I will apologise in advance for the Justin Bieber quotes today but his words resonated with me yesterday. He was talking about a love who messed him around and used him but if you extract some of the lyrics they are a good talking point for self analysis and putting things and life into perspective. Now who’d have thought Justin could do that!

Do you use people? Do you let them use you? Do you ever feel like “I never like to admit that I was wrong, and I’ve been so caught up in my job, didn’t see what’s going on and now I know” (ha ha ha I know some on you finished that line….don’t like Bieber my eye!)

Are you the one who groans about your partners friends, family, ways, irritations? Do you complain and blame when things go wrong? Do you wish you could change the people you once fell in love with for you they were?

Bieber reminds us quite beautifully….”But when you told me that you hated my friends, the only problem was with you and not them. And every time you told me my opinion was wrong and tried to make me forget where I came from…. Oh baby you should go and love yourself”.

When we stop loving who we are we have a tendency to turn it all round and find fault with everyone and everything else. It can’t possibly be us can it? It’s easier to put the way we are feeling onto someone else because then we don’t have to deal with it. Sorry my friends but you are kidding yourself. You are still dealing with it, but as a frustration, an irritant and you are probably making someone else very insecure, frustrated and sad.

Love yourself first. Oh how selfish! But is it? How much more can you give to someone else if you love who you are? If you love yourself you are happy, content, powerful, courageous and you shine like a huge beacon attracting all that is good and from there the world is yours.

A dramatic statement? Possibly but who knows what they can achieve if they are comfortable in their own skin. When you look at yourself, bleary eyed first thing in the morning look harder, see the person you once were, in fact still are behind that frown, behind the dull eyes, behind the sadness, guilt or heartache that you are carrying. You are still the happy, sparkling person you once were, you simply got lost somewhere.

You need the saviour of all…. you need your inner child!

Can you remember? The playfulness, the innocence, the saying things as they came to you with no filter on, the capacity to hug another person without reservation, the ability to touch without guilt, the laughing at nothing in particular, the dancing, playing, skipping, the joy, the fun, the freshness of sight. Its still there….

Look harder in that mirror. You may have to drag a few lines back from your face and you may need to use those facial muscles in a way they have forgotten and smile at yourself but that child is still there. Now I am not suggesting you go and be childish in manner as you may just cause more irritation so no “but you started it” kind of behaviour but you can try out playfulness maybe or looking at your world through the child’s eyes and seeing actually most parts are really very beautiful.

Loving you is the best gift you can ever give yourself. Forgive yourself. Love who you are and don’t destroy what you have by trying to be someone else. If you are lost find the path back. Its like a game of Simon says…. Bieber says “love yourself”.


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