You are who you are

Many of us spend much of our time wishing to be someone or something else. Never satisfied with who we are. We watch other’s around us, celebrities, people with influence and wish to have something they have. This may be their looks, their lifestyle, their money, their influence. At what point is the realisation going to be that we are simply who we are and it’s exhausting to constantly trying to be someone else.

Think of the pressure on the younger generation nowadays to look a certain way for example. When a young woman feels the need to do a full makeup session, including contouring and false eyelashes, when she’s only at work what does this say? That she’s under pressure to look a certain way? That she’s lacking in confidence and this is her way of being another persona? That she has far too much time on her hands? That she’s shallow and image is everything? 

Personally I think what is says about her is far less than it says about the world we live in. Our children have so any expectations placed upon them. To perform to the highest grade at school, not for educational purposes but to allow the school to reach its targets. To look a certain way, because heaven forbid they should stand out. To always have the best clothing brands. To be the same as the next one. To have the best phone or tablet or laptop or bike or the newest device on the market. What happened to individuality? What happened to a sense of worth? What happened to perspective and why are we as a society allowing this to happen?

I encourage individuality. I applaud the kid who stands out. I encourage my children to be the best they can be. Why? Because for too long I spent my life being someone else, who someone else wanted me to be. I lost my identity. I was someone’s mum, wife, employee and it took me down a long road of depression, self doubt, insecurity and nearly cost me my life. It’s our responsibility as adults to ensure the generations coming through find who they are, allow them to be the people they were born to be and not pigeon hole them, get them to conform because targets needs to be achieved and applaud those who stand out not bully them.

You were born an individual and even beneath the hype, the advertising, the clever marketing and pressure of society you are still you. Be brave. Find your inner spark. Remember your a name and not simply a title. You are strong. You are an amazing human being. You are still an individual even if it’s hidden from public view right now. Look. Look inside and find the person you once were and let them shine.


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